Second Amendment

Robert Short is an ardent defender of the Second Amendment.  This individual right is forever protected by the United States Constitution and shall not be infringed upon.  Growing up, Robert’s marksmanship helped put food on the family table.  He is a gun owner and shoots regularly.  In the United States Senate, Robert will:

  1. Oppose the Assault Weapons Ban
  2. Support Constitutional Carry and Reciprocity between States for the Carrying of Firearms
  3. Oppose Universal Background Checks
  4. Oppose “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Laws
  5. Oppose the United Nations Small Arms Treaty
  6. Oppose “No Fly-No Buy” Legislation
  7. Only Vote to Confirm Supreme Court, District Court, and Appeals Court Judges who Believe the Second Amendment is an Individual Right and have Judicial Records that Support the Second Amendment
  8. Oppose any legislation to Ban the Manufacture, Sale, or Possession of High Capacity Magazines
  9. Oppose Attempts to Prohibit Firearm Ownership by those Below the Age of 21
  10. Support Judicial Redress and Due Process for Individuals Restoring their Second Amendment Rights
  11. Work to Repeal the 1968 Gun Control Act’s “Sporting Purposes” Test which Limits Access to Certain Handguns, Shotguns, and Rifles
  12. Protect the Use of Suppressors
  13. Oppose the Creation of Gun Confiscation Orders
  14. Support Expanded Mental Health Funding and Services