The Senate’s role of advice and consent is one of its most important duties in the separations of power between the Executive and Legislative branches of our government.  Robert believes that Presidents have the authority to nominate qualified individuals to serve in their administrations.  The Senate should give these nominees fair and full consideration.  Senators should have the ability to question nominees about their beliefs and positions.  However, Robert believes that this must be done in a courteous and respectful manner.  He was ashamed by the partisan tone and unsubstantiated allegations that were leveled against nominees for the Supreme Court of the United States.


When considering nominees to the federal bench, Robert believes they must be strict Constitutionalists who will not legislate from the bench or reinterpret the Constitution.


Nominees for administrative post, ambassadorships, and boards should be qualified for the positions and not political rewards for campaign donors or friends.


We can begin to restore public trust in government, when we appoint qualified individuals to government posts, so of which include lifetime appointments.