As a small business owner and Converse County Commissioner, Robert knows firsthand the struggles of providing affordable, high quality health insurance to his private sector employees and county employees.  He has firsthand experience understanding being self-insured, underinsured, and uninsured.  Premiums continue to skyrocket while patient choices are limited, and access to affordable healthcare is always in jeopardy, yet Congress refuses to act.  Robert will be guided by his private sector experience and a desire to keep Washington out of the doctor-patient relationship.     

  • Replace ObamacareRobert will work to build common-sense solutions that provide access to affordable insurance and quality healthcare for the citizens of Wyoming.  We cannot allow our people to fall into the ‘pre-existing conditions loophole.’ We must work to replace Obamacare with functional healthcare insurance that does not leave the taxpayers holding the bag, while working to eliminate the unnecessary red tape from this failed policy and stabilize costs.
  • Work for Hospital and Physician Reimbursement Rates. Wyoming’s community hospitals and providers are constantly shortchanged for the services they provide, something must change.  Uncompensated and under-compensated care jeopardizes the health of our community hospitals and critical services for our people.  Robert will work to ensure the federal government reimburses hospitals and doctors appropriately.
  • Address Mental Health Access. Wyoming has one of the highest rates of suicide in the country.  Access to mental healthcare providers is limited.  Robert will work to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health issues while seeking to improve access to these essential services in our great state.
  • Leverage Technology to Increase Access to Care. Advances in tele-health provide promise to meet the healthcare needs of Wyoming’s dispersed and rural populations. Robert will work with providers and patients to understand their needs and help formulate sensible solutions that address the problems.  However, without adequate broadband infrastructure, tele-health is not feasible.  Robert will rely on his experience in the private sector installing fiberoptic systems, wireless communications, and cellphone technologies to help Wyomingites achieve the final mile of broadband access to solve these problems.
  • Support Private Industry in Healthcare. Small business health plans that allow pooling across state lines and portability are critical. Robert will work to allow competition in healthcare markets to help innovate and improve options.  Healthcare solutions should be driven by the private sector, patients, and doctors not the bureaucrats in Washington.
  • Reduce the Cost of Prescription Drugs. Robert will work to change the prescription drug process in this country to help reduce the cost of healthcare. It is unacceptable that pharmaceutical companies can charge prices for prescription drugs that are more than any other developed nation, especially when we pride ourselves on a free-market economy.  The system is in need of serious change which will eliminate bureaucratic overreach and help streamline the process of developing drugs that are so important to our health.
  • Honor our Healthcare Commitments. Robert will work to protect and strengthen Medicare for Wyoming’s seniors and those in Wyoming who are most vulnerable.  People contributed to the system in past years with the understanding that they would have access to healthcare benefits in later years.  We cannot renege on those promises.
  • Support our Veterans. Our veterans deserve the healthcare they earned defending our country and our freedom.  Wyoming’s veterans should not have to travel hundreds of miles to receive care.  Robert will work to help expand access for veterans and end the unacceptable waits they are forced to endure due to mouthpiece politicians who refuse to honor our heroes.
  • Pass Tort Reform. Robert will work to enact medical liability reform that would improve access to healthcare by preventing frivolous lawsuits and bureaucratic red tape limiting Wyomingites from connecting with their preferred healthcare provider. 
  • Support Expansion of Healthcare Workforce.  Robert will work with Wyoming’s community colleges, the University of Wyoming, and other partners to educate and provide quality healthcare providers to improve access to healthcare for Wyoming.  As Wyoming’s population continues to age, the shortage of healthcare workers will only increase.  We need people from Wyoming who want to live in Wyoming.