Energy Policy

Robert Short believes in a comprehensive energy policy.  As a nation, we have an abundance of natural resources which can provide the U.S. with the energy and raw materials we need to be truly energy independent. Regulatory overreach and archaic processes and policies continue to hamper our ability to achieve energy independence.  Obstructionism, masquerading as environmental concerns continue this attack on American energy independence. We are blessed with the materials, know-how, and technology to utilize our resources while we continue to develop future energy solutions while mitigating negative impacts to our environment.


Robert supports:


The development of a Federal energy policy that recognizes low cost, dependable, electricity that is independent of foreign interests, is key for domestic manufacturing and a matter of national security.

Eliminating unnecessary permitting requirements and duplicative federal environmental reviews for drilling and mining rights.  The Wyoming economy has long been hindered by increased regulations that are not applicable to our energy production.

Prevent the Department of the Interior from initiating moratoriums on new oil, gas or coal leases on federally controlled lands or waters. We cannot have an unelected federal government office to make ill-informed decisions.

Rebalance the apportionment of federal mineral royalties between state and federal governments to a 50-50 split — a change that, based on 2016 numbers, would result in a roughly $9.2 million increase to Wyoming’s coffers.

Increase U.S. energy independence and spur economic development in energy-producing states. Our boom-and-bust economy is caused in part by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other state sponsored actors.

Invest in technology to increase the performance of coal-based power plants, and hydrocarbon extraction to meet the increased demand for low-cost electricity. Carbon capture, storage, and transmission line improvements can meet the demand without exorbitant capital expenditures.

End the blockage of coal by Western states. Democratic Governors continue to illegally prevent low-sulphur coal from being exported to Asian markets.

Increase production of U308 for domestic needs associated with electrical production. We must minimize reliance on Eastern-bloc countries and foreign suppliers of uranium for U.S. electrical production.

Level the playing field for coal, oil, nuclear, solar, wind, and gas.  Capital investments and future exploration are controlled by the Washington bureaucrats and well-connected lobbyists who pick winners and losers, often ignoring the importance of Wyoming as a leading energy state.

Invest in domestic mining of rare earth metals. These raw materials are increasingly more critical are being controlled by China.