Education is a great equalizer, allowing each person to have an opportunity to choose a path to success. Realizing parents are the first and best educators of their own children, in the U.S. Senate, Robert will work to protect choice options for parents while working to ensure all students have access to quality schools.  In his own life, Robert’s father taught his children some non-negotiable values about their education, including attention to detail, timely completion of tasks, and unwavering commitment. 

Robert’s thoughts on education focus on the following areas:

  • Decrease Federal Overreach. Because the duty to provide public education is left to the states, Robert will work toward measures to limit the size of the federal footprint when it comes to matters of state and local education.
  • Protect Parent Choice. Robert will work on ways to provide multiple education options for parents, to ensure the right to homeschool is protected, and to value the voices of families.
  • Reduce Regulations. Oftentimes regulations encourage one-size-fits-all models of educational delivery; Robert will seek ways to reduce regulatory burden and encourage educational innovation and creativity at the State and local levels.
  • Focus on Founding Documents. Robert will support accountability measures that ensure schools teach civics and citizenship as part of a well-rounded historical perspective based on the Constitution and other relevant documents that ground an understanding of our nation.
  • Honor Education Benefits for Veterans. Robert will fight to ensure that the G.I. Bill is fully funded and easily accessible for our veterans and their survivors. 
  • Higher Education Affordability. The costs of colleges, universities, and trade school opportunities have increased beyond affordability.  Robert will work on a fundamental shift in the way we deliver higher education that is publicly funded so that the degrees are once again affordable and relevant to the needs of the American workforce.
  • Encourage Apprenticeships and Internships. The opportunity to gain job skills and experience real work environments is beneficial not only to children who are not interested in the traditional school path, but it can also expose students to careers they never imagined.  Robert will work to expand these opportunities for students.
  • Opening the schools in a safe, effective way. It is of utmost importance that we find a way to get our children back into a school setting.
  • Make High-Speed Internet available to rural areas. Robert supports an infrastructure plan to increase accessibility and reduce the cost of high-speed internet to improve remote and home learning.

In the Senate, Robert will oppose the adoption of common core standards and increases in testing requirements for our students.

He will advocate greater emphasis on technical skills programs and readiness for the workforce through our two-year community colleges. As a Converse County Commissioner, he has supported the expansion of the Eastern Wyoming College in Douglas, which has offered increased job training and opportunities to his community.  He will be a proponent for all of Wyoming’s community colleges.

He will support school of choice through charter schools and the creation of a school voucher system for private schools. The primary benefit of school choice is that it gives parents the power to make choices for their children based on their needs, interests, learning styles, and competition among area schools, which has resulted in raising the standard of education throughout all schools. Many parents feel that it is not the government's responsibility to tell them where their children should be educated. School choice allows them to enroll their child in a school that better fits their needs.