Main Street Not Wall Street

The people of Wyoming need a strong unwavering voice to represent them in Washington. There are going to be critical issues that we will face concerning our economy, energy, agriculture, healthcare, and education. Despite some great strides in the last four years, we know that we need new and innovative ideas to represent and protect the Wyoming way and this great State.
These ideas and goals form the heart of our platform.
• Address the growth of our economy by attracting manufacturing and new businesses into our State.
• Create a sensible energy policy that continues to invest in all of our natural resources, and does allow Washington to play favorites that have sought to harm our coal Industry.
• Replace Obamacare with a healthcare system that will allow employers, self-employed, and those seeking work, have the coverage the need and not be left uninsured for pre-existing conditions and high disproportionate costs.
• Protect our Second Amendment rights.
• Champion respect for life.
• Make sure our youth have educational opportunities that are second to none, and provide them future opportunities in our State.
• Cut through the “Do Nothing Rhetoric” that does not serve the people of Wyoming.
• Change the policies of the past that threaten our economy and our national security, with policies that protect the citizens within our borders.
• Promote a “Buy Wyoming, Buy American” to strengthen our economy and not the economies of the Middle East and China.
• Bring a “Wyoming Business” mentality to Washington with a proven track record of getting things done.
Want to learn how we are going to achieve these goals? Signup for our campaign now, and we will keep you informed on the issues, and how you can meet us throughout the campaign.

As a two-term elected Converse County Commissioner, I have been translating my work ethic to listen and meet the needs of the people of Converse County since 2014. I donate my time to serve as the Chairman of the Board of the Converse Hope Center which assists those in crisis and provides help for those who experience domestic violence. I also serve as the Chairman for the Wyoming County Commission Association Committee on Energy and Environment. 
On a daily basis, I bring a wealth of working with people of diverse backgrounds, a tireless pursuit of problem solving, an ability to listen to different points of view, and a willingness to adapt to changing situations. My unmatched passion for the People and the State of Wyoming, makes me the right person to be Wyoming’s next US senator.