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Robert Short

Your Next Wyoming U.S. Senator

Raised in Glenrock, Wyoming, Robert learned the value of the dollar at the age of 12 by working on the Duncan Ranch for Hugh and Blanche Duncan. The $1 an hour pay afforded Robert the luxury of purchasing new shoes for the school year, but more importantly, working on the ranch taught him the values of diligence, honesty, integrity, and grit. Values further instilled as the son of an honest, hardworking father and a stay-at-home mother. Robert’s father was non-negotiable about the education of his children’s values included attention to detail, timely completion of tasks, and unwavering commitment which started Robert on the path of being a fiscal conservative Republican.

By the time Robert was 15 years of age, he was proficient at helping to provide his family the wild game for the nightly dinner and by age 16, Robert cut his teeth in the oil patch working as a roustabout during the summer months. After graduation from Glenrock High School in 1980, Robert was offered a job in uranium mining and began working his way up the ladder. As the boom of the 1970’s turned to a 1980’s bust, employment opportunities began disappearing, and the layoffs grew. Like many of our young people experience today in Wyoming, Robert found himself in the same situation with a profound desire to live in this great state but with minimal opportunity to have a sustainable wage. So, in 1984 Robert left Wyoming to pursue an education in computer science and electrical engineering at the Denver Institute of Technology in Denver, Colorado. 


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Robert graduated at the top of his class and was snatched up for a position with a hard disk drive manufacturer in Longmont, Colorado. As his career grew in the tech sector, Robert progressed into the advanced engineering group, working on innovated products like the first inch high hard drives, which heralded a new age of laptop computing. In a twist of divine intervention, Robert received a phone call in 1991 that would forever change his life.

An offer to work in the field of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) grew Robert’s world experiences exponentially. Because of this opportunity, Robert transacted commerce in nearly every state, built business relationships in multiple countries, and worked with scientists from all over the world. He developed a reputation for being a savvy problem solver who traveled extensively to help with some of the most perplexing problems in chemistry, physics, and research. Although Robert learned to speak Japanese and developed some language skills in French, Spanish, and Italian, he learned to say the most important phrase, “thank you”, in dozens of languages. On September 11, 2001 a series of events changed Roberts’ life view and increased his desire to raise his family at home in Wyoming.

In 2005, his wife Janella and their children moved to Wyoming and started a fiber optic construction business. What started as two dedicated people in 2005, blossomed into a business enterprise encompassing diverse business branches and employing more than 100 people servicing multiple levels of industry in Wyoming. Coal, oil, gas, agriculture, tourism, retail, medical, and other businesses are benefactors of their tireless efforts.

As a two-term elected Converse County Commissioner, Robert has been translating his work ethic to listen and meet the needs of the people of Converse County since 2014. He tirelessly donates his time to serve as the Chairman of the Board of the Converse Hope Center which assists those in crisis and provides help for those who experience domestic violence. He also serves Chairman for the Wyoming County Commission Association Committee on Energy and Environment. Robert brings a wealth of working with people of diverse backgrounds, a tireless pursuit of problem solving, an ability to listen to different points of view, and a willingness to adapt to changing situations.  With Robert’s unmatched passion for the people and the State of Wyoming, he is the right person to be Wyoming’s next US senator.